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Mr. Clean
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Look Back Over 50 Years

Learn about how this iconic brand started and what made the Mr. Clean® you know today.

1957 Brides love Mr.Clean A star is born! Richard Black from Dayton, Ohio draws Mr. Clean as a muscular, tan, bald man who cleans things very well. Meanwhile, the brand’s jingle is written and recorded on a tape recorder by Thomas Scott Cadden at his home in Skokie, IL. It will later become the longest running jingle in television history.
1958 Grandmothers love Mr.Clean P&G launches the first Mr. Clean product: an all-purpose liquid that can be used to clean hard surfaces, laundry, jewelry and more. The first TV commercial airs on WDTV/KDKA in Pittsburgh, PA. In just six months Mr. Clean becomes America’s top selling household cleaner!
1959 Multi-Purpose Liquids in Canada
1962 Give Mr.Clean a Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Clean really does have a first name. After five years without one, he was finally dubbed “Veritably” as the result of the “Give Mr. Clean a First Name" promotion.
1963 Mr. Clean sets a new trend. The popular P&G brand is the first liquid household cleaner to become available in a plastic bottle.
1968 Mr. Clean is reformulated to include pine aroma and provide better cleaning "in the bucket."
1971 Mr. Clean introduces its trademark lemon scent in Canada
1978 Mr. Clean earns market leadership to become the top seller in its category in Canada
1979 Mr. Clean without phosphates hits the shelves in Canada
1985 Mr.Clean.The man behind the shine. In celebration of his 24th anniversary as "The Man behind the Shine," all Mr. Clean television commercials are added to the UCLA Film Television and Radio Archives.
1985 P&G introduces a better full-strength formula. To promote it, America begins a search for Mr. Clean look-alikes.
1986 Mr. Clean continues to multi-task as the all-purpose cleaner becomes available in spray form.
1992 Mr. Clean takes on toilet bowls with the launch of a brand new bathroom liquid.
1993 Mountain Falls Fresh Mr. Clean introduces a Glass and Surface Spray with a Mountain Fresh scent.
1998 Mr.Clean Mr. Clean is fabulous at 40! In honor of its anniversary and the changing role of men in the home, the brand launches the search for men “Like Mr. Clean.”
2003 Mr.Clean Magic Eraser Say goodbye to scuff marks and scribbles on the wall. Mr. Clean introduces the revolutionary new product Magic Eraser! The product’s micro bristles break up tough dirt and lift it away from surfaces. Magic Eraser is so popular today that it enjoys a huge online following with bloggers who chat about it almost daily!
2003 Magic Eraser Original in Canada
2004 Mr.Clean Mr. Clean goes Hollywood, appearing at P. Diddy’s annual White Party in the Hamptons. Soon after, he’s spotted at the Video Music Awards.
2004 Magic Eraser Duo in Canada
2004 APC Sprays in Canada
2005 Magic Reach Bath in Canada
2006 Mr.Clean Mr. Clean kicks-off a national campaign to help communities across America tackle their toughest cleaning jobs at the unveiling of the New Orleans Saints’ “toughest job” victory; their first home game in the Superdome since after Hurricane Katrina.
2006 Mr.Clean Mr. Clean gathers an army of “look a-likes” to clean up after the Guinness record-setting World’s Largest Gingerbread House in the Mall of America.
2006 Eraser Extra-Power in Canada
2006 Extra Power Spray in Canada
2007 Mr. Clean redefines the car wash experience with the opening of two Mr. Clean Performance Car Washes in Deerfield and Evendale, Ohio. While they wait, patrons can shop at a gift shop and sip lattes at the coffee bar while watching television.
2007 Mr. Clean becomes popular on Facebook. The popular icon boasts more than 40 fan-created pages!
2007 Magic Eraser Foaming in Canada
2008 Disinfecting Wipes in Canada
2008 Mr. Clean with Febreze and Bath Spray in Canada
2009 Mr. Clean freshens up at “50!” as the brand combines its tough cleaning power with the fresh scent of Febreze to introduce a new All Purpose spray, cleaner and Magic Eraser.
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